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In North Carolina, your home’s roof is constantly exposed to harmful weather conditions such as storm winds, moisture, hail, and damaging UV rays. It is only a matter of time before your roof needs repair. A damaged roof will cause rotting wood, pest infestations, and moisture and mold damage throughout your home. Contact us, and we will inspect your roof for FREE and give you a repair quote.

Our roof repair team will conduct a FREE roof inspection to spot any trouble areas including missing, broken or torn shingles; shingle that are worn away; cracked or missing caulk; damaged or missing flashing; rotting or ripped rubber boots around exposed pipes; rotting wood or sagging roof areas; cracks in your chimney or missing chimney caps; and loose gutters.

Don’t Wait to Repair Your Leaking Roof

A small roof leak can cause a large amount of damage over time. A leak doesn’t always mean you need a new roof, and perhaps all you need is a roof repair. The roofing contractors at Big Bear Roofing know what to look for and we won’t try to sell you a new roof if you don’t need one. Instead, we’ll fix your leak with materials that match your existing roof style and color.

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When Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof

Look for These “Red Flags”

It is always a good idea to inspecting your roof after a big storm to detect and repair any minor issues before they become major problems. In some cases, simple repairs can extend your roof’s life for a few more years until you are ready to replace it. Whether your roof can be repaired or it needs replacement, Big Bear will always give you an honest assessment about your roof’s condition.

Sometimes, replacing a few shingles is all you need to do to restore your roof’s look and function. However, if there is a leak that extends through the various layers of your roof, then it’s usually a better idea — and a better value — to replace the entire roof. Contact us, and we will inspect your roof for FREE and give you the best options for repairing and restoring your roof.

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After a big storm or if your roof is leaking, contact Big Bear Roofing for a free quote. We will find the leak and fix it using top-quality roofing products.